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Red Oak Versus Red Oak Flooring

Hardwood is commonly used in flooring because it is good-looking and durable. Of the entire list of hardwood species, oak is the most preferred for furniture and flooring. It offers a broad range of choices in regard to colors and wood grains. Red oak and white oak rank in the most attractive species of oak. The two species are utilized for flooring but which suits you best? This page has will help you to learn more about white and red oaks, click down for more.

First, we’ll consider the appearance. Although white oak is the most easily accessible tree type in the US, its price is a bit higher compared to that of red oak. That is because it is thicker, harder, and heavier compared to red oak. These features cause white oak to suit furniture purposes and red oak suitable for floors. Both species are much attractive when utilized for flooring and there is slight variation in the appearance. In their unprocessed state, a pink tinge is seen on the red oak while the white one looks the darker of the two. Both have nice-looking grain pattern even though red oak slats have more variations and swirls than white oak. White oak comes with tinier stiffer lines which create a more unvarying look. Because the wood itself is bright in color, the granule patterns on red oak stand out extra. Since it has such conspicuous grain lines, red oak could fail to be suitable for each hardwood patterns. You can check out hardwood floor guides so that you can easily compare the different types of hardwood floor patterns and decide which one is a perfect match.

In addition to looks, white and red floors vary in a few more ways also. White oak floor stands out in toughness and water resistance, making it good for outdoor applications. White oak has a thicker composition compared to red oak and therefore accepts tarnish more readily. Also, it is better suited to a broader variety of stains because of its neutral coloration. The pinkish tone of red oak is able to interfere with the appearance you’re aiming at when staining your floor. On top of these slight differences, there isn’t much differentiating between white and red oak floors. For people who are working on a rigid budget, red oaks are likely to be somehow the cheaper selection. However, it’s not easy to determine which hardwood floor is a perfect match. It’s all about deciding which flows with the style and dcor of your home. Either way, choosing a hardwood floor is a lasting choice and you have to read more in order to discover the best selection.