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HOUDINI (2014)
Airing on September 1 & 2 at 9 p.m. ET/PT
Role: Harry Houdini • Status: Completed | Photos | Official Website

Role: Dmitri • Status: Completed | Photos | Official Website

Role: Frankie • Status: Completed | Photos | Official Website

  BACKTRACK (2014)
Role: Peter Bower • Status: P-Production | Photos | Official Website

Role: Tiberius • Status: Filming | Photos | Official Website

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Oct 15
 Posters, Bts and Stills of Various Movies
   // AUTHOR: Perla • CATEGORY: Behind The Scenes, Posters, Promo Shoots, Stills0 replies

I’ve added a bunch of posters, promoshoots, production stills and behind the scenes from some of Adrien’s movies to the gallery. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
Feature Films > [2015] Dragon Blade
Feature Films > [2014] The Grand Budapest Hotel
Feature Films > [2014] Backtrack
Feature Films > [2014] American Heist
Feature Films > [2013] The Third Person
Feature Films > [2012] Detachment
Feature Films > [2011] Wrecked
Feature Films > [2010] High School
Feature Films > [2010] The Experiment
Feature Films > [2009] Splice
Feature Films > [2008] The Brothers Bloom
Feature Films > [2007] The Darjeeling Limited
Feature Films > [2005] The Jacket
Feature Films > [2003] The Singing Detective
Feature Films > [2002] The Pianist
Feature Films > [2001] Love the Hard Way
Feature Films > [1999] Summer of Sam
Feature Films > [1998] Oxygen
Feature Films > [1998] Restaurant
Feature Films > [1997] The Undertaker’s Wedding
Feature Films > [1995] Ten Benny

Oct 15
 Candid Photos From 2014
   // AUTHOR: Perla • CATEGORY: Candid0 replies

Just added in the gallery 5 sets of candid photos featuring Adrien alone or with his friends during the last couple of month/days. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
(x038) – March 14 – Adrien Brody heads out for lunch in Beverly Hills, California
(x015) – March 18 – Arriving at LAX Airport
(x005) – May 9 – Adrien seen out and about in SoHo, New York City
(x029) – October 9 – In Milan, Italy.
(x008) – October 13 – Adrien outside of his NYC hotel

Oct 15
 Candid Photos from 2013
   // AUTHOR: Perla • CATEGORY: Candid0 replies

Just have updated the gallery with more candid photos of Adrien. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:
(x023) – May 22 – Adrien and Lara walking in Croisette. Cannes, France.
(x034) – August 22 – Adrien and Naomi Campbell during a yoga time on a boat in Ibiza
(x023) – August 23 – Adrien and Naomi in Spain on the island of Formentera.

Aug 17
 New Layouts and Gallery Updates.
   // AUTHOR: Perla • CATEGORY: Photo Gallery, Site0 replies

First of all, I apologize for the delay I’ve been a little busy with my real life. But now the website is back. The gallery has a lot of movie/tv series stills, promo shoots and posters. Don’t forget to check out the gallery!
And of course I will update the gallery with the recent photos I missed on those months but they’ll be up soon and there will be a lot.

Now as you can see, we have a gorgeous new theme up here and the gallery. I hope you love them as much as I do. =)

Mar 11
   // AUTHOR: Perla • CATEGORY: Site0 replies

As the title says,sorry guys for the lack of updates. It has been crazy in my life these past couple of months. But so I am sure that I will be updating this web soon and stay alert!